The Faculty of Languages and Communication functions as the centre for the development and
dissemination of languages and literatures in order to produce graduates who are fluent and
competent in major languages of the world as well as promoting national cultures through the
teaching of literature in education. In essence the Faculty of Languages and Communication
aims to generate graduates who are creative and innovative and who are willing to volunteer
services to society. They are also entrusted to cultivate and develop language as a branch of
knowledge, literature, communication, education and social development. In this sense, this
faculty helps the University and thecountry to uphold language and communication as
knowledge discipline in facing the challenges of the new world.

The Faculty of Languages and Communication is situated at IPSI Building , Sultan Abdul Jalil
Shah Campus, Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak. Currently, the faculty
offers programmes at Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) levels.
As a teacher training institution, this faculty has academics who are highly qualified in the fields
of communication, the Malay language, English, Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, Malay literature, and
other languages. With the support of these competent academic and non-academic staff this
faculty is able to achieve the mission of producing a highly-skilled workforce needed by the

The faculty also conducts researches and publications in the fields of language, literature,
communication, media and other languages. These accomplishments allow the faculty to be
recognised as the centre for reference and consultation on issues related to languages,
literature, communication and regional media