Thank you for your interest in pursuing studies at UPSI. For more information regarding the following below:

  1. List of programme offered
  2. Application eligibility requirements
  3. Mode of study
  4. Application method
  5. Tuition fees

You are welcome to visit the IPS website at the following link

  1. Local applicant –
  2. International applicant –

Thank you.

Institute of Post Graduate Studies

Tel: 05-450 5482/5515495 I Fax: 05-459 4649 

Hotline – 011- 57830502 (Whtasapp)

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak Darul Ridzuan

Differentiation between Full Time and Part Time is a study duration

  • Applicants may go directly to

            Applicant may get the offer letter earlier but with below condition:


  1. Applicants need the offer letter for application of scholarship purpose.
  2. Applicant need to submit the application to Dean of Institute Graduate Studies.

-IGS UPSI will announced the result through email.

Applicant is not allowed to register earlier BUT

to register late than registration day, the term and condition as below: 


  1. Send a letter of late registration to Senior Assistant Registrar or Assistant Registrar of

    Admission Unit, Institute Graduate Studies, UPSI. 

  1. Applicant for Master of Coursework and Mix Mode is allows to register a week after  

    registration day.  

  1. Applicant for Master by Research and PhD is allows to register until week seven (7) of that


  • It is for student’s security.
  • Students need to pay RM2000 and will get the return after finish the study.
  • For your information, UPSI did not provide any scholarship. Applicants need to find it by their


  • UPSI didn’t provide any accommodation. However, applicant may contact (05-4506964) to get list of contact info in order to rent a room in Tanjong Malim area.