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Faculty of Languages and Communication is central to the development of language and literature to produce graduates who are skilled to master the main languages of the world and uphold the culture through the study of literature in education. In reality the Faculty of Language and Communication aims to produce graduates who are creative and innovative and willing to serve the people and develop the field of language, literature, communications, education and social development. The faculty helps the university and the country to uphold the disciplines of language and communication in the development progress of the new millennium.

Faculty of Languages and Communication is located in IPSI Building, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus, Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak. At present the faculty offers programs at Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) level.
As a place to educate teachers, the faculty has experts who are well versed in Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, Malay Literature, Communication and other languages . With academic staff and support staff who are capable, the faculty can accomplish the mission to produce highly skilled human capital as required by the country.

In addition, research and publishing activities in the field of language, literature, communication, media and other languages are also being conducted. The results of this research enables the faculty to be a reference center related to language, literature, communication and regional media. Faculty of Languages and Communication is capable of being part in the world intellectual map.

Faculty of Languages and Communication currently has three (3) departments, namely the Department of Malay Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Modern Languages.

The main goal of Malay Language and Literature Department is focused on two (2) main programs in the department which are Bachelor of Education (Malay) and Bachelor of Education (Malay Literature). Bachelor of Education (Malay) focused teaching Malay as a first language, while the language aspects in focus are language skills, language pedagogy, and applied linguistics. All these aspects are developed and expended through teaching, writing, conferences, forums, colloquiums, collaboration and research. The program’s curriculum includes pedagogy, linguistics, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, rhetoric, instructional design, Malay language instructional design, history and culture, communication, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, semantics and pragmatics. The program is also supported through the use of micro-teaching laboratories, language laboratories and computer labs equipped with information technology and the latest software to produce data analysis, instructional design and learning as well as classroom simulations. Also offered is a minor program Iban and Kadazan Language starting from Semester 2, Session 2010/2011.

Bachelor of Education (Malay Literature) combines the disciplines of literature, art and Malay culture. Two aspects are to be emphasized is the pedagogical aspects of literature. By studying this program, students can master enough knowledge in the field of education and Malay Literature can apply technical skills in Malay literature including the use of educational technology. Students who join the program will carry out activities involving external parties, such as the Academy of Arts, Heritage (ASWARA), Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Malaysian Theatre Culture, the National Library, the State Government, PENA, GAPENA, Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (MICC), corporates and so on. Students will be exposed on drama and theater performances, poems declamation, composing poetry, poems and teromba. Apart from this, study visits and baktisiswa programs also held and organized by the students themselves.

Department of English Language and Literature offers Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as a Second Language). English is the language of science and international relations. Therefore, mastering English is important for students to face the challenges of globalization and development of information technology nowadays. This program is focused on enhancing the ability of teachers to teach the subject of English as a Second Language. Students will be to exposed to English education related training. As a result, students can master completely English pedagogy and able to think critically and creatively to solve problems related to English. Various areas offered in this program. To further enhance English proficiency among students various activities such as public speaking, choral speaking, debate, field study and seminars at national and international levels are also organized. The Department also offers English Diploma program from 2010. Diploma graduates in English can continue to work in the public and private sector or pursue their studies at degree level.

In addition, the Faculty of Languages and Communication also offers programs under the Department of Modern Languages. Among the programs offered are Bachelor Education (Arabic) and Bachelor (Chinese) with education. The primary objective of both of these programs are being offered is to accommodate the number of teachers of Arabic and Chinese in secondary schools throughout Malaysia. In addition, the Bachelor of Education (Tamil) with honors were offered starting from July 2010. This program could produce Tamil language teachers who are skilled and competent in teaching the nation's children in the future. Department of Modern Languages also offers courses in other foreign languages such as Thai, Japanese, Spanish, German and French to enhance multilingualism among University students.

Faculty of Languages and Communication will continue to plan new programs from time to time to achieve the vision and mission of the faculty .

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